CoFs 29 Fodder Sorghum Seed - 1 Kg - MultiCut for Fodder Cultivatoin

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(16 reviews)
  • Sagarburdak


    I used the product for few years it gives excellent germination and money saving product for me and I recommend for my neighbourhood farms

  • Anandh


    It is very good for fodder and grass. All seeds are germinated within a week. Fast growing seeds. Within a month the grasses are highly grow up. My farm full of green. My cattles are waiting this. Thanks

  • Nithish


    Not grown

  • CoFs29 was released by the Department of Forage Crops, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore.
  • CoFs29 gives 5–6 cuts in one year at 60 days intervals
  • CoFs29 contains high protein (8.41%) and less crude fibre (34.0%). It attains 50% flowering in 65–70 days and ready for seed harvest in 105–110 days.
  • CoFs29 crop has leaves and the stem is highly succulent in nature, the green fodder is highly relished by cattle. It contains high protein and less crude fibre and hence higher digestibility.ghly recommended green fodder to Cow, Goat, Sheep, Buffalo and some of Poultry and It''s suitable for anywhere in India
  • CoFs29 Multicut (5-6 cuts/year) variety, Profuse tillering (10-15/plant), More number of leaves, Highly palatable, High crude protein (8.41 per cent),Less crude fibre (34.0 per cent). One can harvest 5-6 crops in one year at 60 days intervals